Mondesa Township Tours

Mondesa Township Tours

Mondesa Township Tours provides a well-organised tour that reflects the history of Mondesa and is not a Tourisik tour, it is a invitation of getting to know the different tribes of Namibia, in Mondesa is the invitation to visit them in their homes.

Perfect central location

The tour is designed as a part of living history, moving from the Owambo areas to those inhabited by Damara and Herero. At each stop a bit of culture, a bit of history and a great deal of laughter are shared. Guests will also get the chance to learn about traditional dress, taste some traditional Oshiwambo food and drink, visted the DRC kindergarden and enjoy the A Kapela dancing group.


School and Kindergarten visits: Give teacher and school lovers from other country to sent some of there time visiting schools in Mondesa and have knowledge of our education system.

Church visit

(Sundays only or if pre arrange in afternoons)

Guest have the chance to attended church services with our guides. any church of there choice. (Photos are not available due that we dont take pictures while
in church or at church.

Activities offered by Mondesa Township Tours:

  • Township Tour
    Visiting the Township by Vehicle and partly by foot.
  • Cycling Tour
    The township tour will be done by cycling through the township or city.
  • Sandboarding
    We offer Sand Up boarding and lay- downs.
  • Shabeen Visit
    One can enjoy some soft drink or beer at the local Bar. No under 18.
  • Dinners in Township (Traditional Buffet mix with European Foods)
  • Guest get to enjoy Tradition Meal in ‘Mondesa for Dinner, Traditional Buffet mix with European Foods
  • Day excursions to Cape Cross.
    Visit to Cape Cross to see the seals.
  • Day excursions to Spitzkoppe.
    Visit to Spitzkoppe.
  • Topnaar- RooiBank Visit.
    Visit to the Topnaar Community.
  • Day Excursions to Flamingos for Walvisbay ( Includes a city tour and drive through the township of Walvisbay).
  • Transfers.
  • Offering transfers to the destination of your choice.

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